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 Rules & Regulations-MUST READ

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations-MUST READ   Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:38 pm

Hello Freinds.
Here are some rules that you MUST follow before posting in this forum. Please do not ignore these rules because if you do, you are the one who is going to be in trouble.

Once you hit the thank you button for this post, it means you are aware of the rules of the section and if broken any you will be highly penalized.

Your Warning Level will be increased to 20% if you are done seeing the following things.

Plagiarism is cutting out parts from other sigmakers signature, taking the credit of someone else's work. In short Plagiarism is taking the work of another person and claiming that it is yours. No Warning PMs will be sent, but definitely you will be given a chance to defend yourself. If you are found guilty then Warning will be raised.

2. No illegal content is allowed on EF
Any material seen that is po*nographic, sexually explicit, graphically violent, visually offensive, and derogatory, your WL will be immediately raised without an explanation.

3. No flaming (inflammatory/insulting speech)
If you are seen attacking, bashing or targeting another member you warnings will also be raised. Any speech or inference, direct or indirect, which constitutes a personal attack against another member, is prohibited.

4. Chatting in galleries/shops is not allowed
You can post comment on the signature/icons posted in a member's gallery. But replies which have nothing to do with the topic are considered as spamming. We have Chat Clubs /Private Message option where you can continue with your random conversation.

Taking the original photos and putting desired faces of your favourite actor/actress is wrong as you are messing with the copyrights of the original photos. Not only Telly stars but the photos of Bollywood celebrities are being badly morphed and turned into signatures, but what about the copyrights? Violating the original copyrights of the photos and then putting your own name tag is fraud. The fans of those stars might get offended and I am sure if ever the stars visits our site they will neither find it impressive.
Signatures/Icons which has been made from the morphed pictures will not be allowed on EF henceforth.
It is impossible to remove/trash all the signatures that has been made with the morphed pics, so we request you all to not make them. Its very difficult for us to scan through each and every gallery/shop and warn the members to stop using morphed sigs or make sigs with morphed pics.
Thus its a sincere request if you see anyone using any such sigs/avatars then please ask them to remove it. If not then hit the REPORT button to bring it to the DT members attention.

If any member is found breaking the rules (above) then please report / PM the AS DEV TEAM/ADMINS, actions will be taken instantly and your names will not be given out.

If you feel your image should be given credit for being used on our site, kindly report it to moderators the due credit shall be given.
If you have been inspired by any member, then please do give proper credit!!! All we ask you to do is to write one line saying 'Inspired by (member name)' in your shop and / or gallery. Be Creative!!!
Each member is allowed to carry a total of 3 signatures out of which 1 can be small(animated)

Rules are rules and it is same for DEV TEAM members as well as NON DEV TEAM members. If rules are broken then serious actions will be taken. Understanding these rules is the responsibility of the user only. It might look a lot but this for the goodwill of this forum. Excuses for not knowing the rules will not be accepted. This includes claims about being a "too new to have read the rules". The rules apply equally to everyone, old members and new ones.

Please do not take this thread as a boring rule book, all we want is a friendly atmosphere for Avi/siggy section.

SK & RK -- Only for ME <3

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Rules & Regulations-MUST READ
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