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 Rules & Regulations-MUST READ

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations-MUST READ   Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:03 am

Hello Friends.
Here are some rules that should be read by all the members before posting anything. These rules are always found on the first page of this section.

We enforce these rules so we have a clean and fun environment for our writers and readers.

Here are some rules that members are not following:

FF Titles
Please see to it that the titles of your FF should not be in CAPS. If you don't already know, caps is considering shouting on the net.

And, the FF section doesn't look very neat with so many FF titles in caps.

Example - MY NEW FF - PART 1
Example 2 - MY NEW FF - part 1

^^ [This is a mere example, sorry if there is an FF title like this, I wasn't sure] This is the type of thing that won't be expected.

Please make sure they aren't in full caps.

My New FF - (is acceptable by the way)

The 2 Quote Rule

All members are to quote no more than 2 posts at once. All these quotes can be made in one reply itself. Quoting more than 2 replies results in an excessive amount of unnecessary pages in the ff, not to mention the fact that they also make it hard for members to browse fan fictions.

The Chatting Rule

This is a big one. NO chatting is permitted! Under no circumstances are members allowed to chat in a topic. Fan Fictions are open for writers to post chapters and readers to comment on these parts. Note that I said comment on the parts. The comments are to be related to the FF. Comments that aren't related to the FF result in chatting, which, as mentioned, is not allowed in this section. The Chat Clubs section was made for you convenience, so you can chat all you want about anything and everything.

Vulgar/Abusive Language Rule

The use of swear words in any posts in ANY section of E-F is not tolerated. Let it be in an FF, or any post made to abuse someone. These swear words/inappropriate language include(but isn't limited to):

The S Word

The A Word

The B Word

The F Word

The W Word

If you aren't sure by what I mean by these, PM me or -.._Anonymous_..- and we'll help.

Some of you may already be aware of this, but not fully aware of what is acceptable and what is not. Sh**, **hit, *h*t or any case where only a few letters of a bad word are crossed out is not accepted. The word has to be fully starred (****) out. (Because one can't tell what it stands for). The word crap is allowed.

Continue Soon, etc. Rule

Sometimes we are very eager for writers to continue FF's. But we have to be considerate of the fact that the writers have lives outside of E-F too, and so sometimes they aren't able to continue. Posting replies that only contain something along the lines of, "please continue soon" "continue soon: etc., is considered spamming in an FF, which is another thing we don't want to do. If any such post is found, it will be trashed. (However, adding other words of encouragement with the continue soon's is permitted.)

Posting in Caps Rule

Members are not permitted to make posts written fully in caps. Posting in caps is offensive for it is considered shouting on the net. You're only allowed to capitalize a few words in a post, NOT the whole post.

Questions/Requests Rule

A Help Desk has been provided for your convenience. Please make use of this. If you have any questions or need any help, please ask in the Help Desk thread.

100 Pages Rule

Any topic/FF may not go beyond 100 pages. After 100 pages, the post starter should open a new topic, (if they wish to continue), provide a link for that new topic in the old topic, and them PM someone from the FF Development Team to close their old topic.

Adult Content Rule

Adult Content and po*nographic details are strictly prohibited. This is a family site and we want the FF's to be safe for underage readers.


SK & RK -- Only for ME <3

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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Regulations-MUST READ   Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:27 pm

Please Abide by these rules or we might close your FF!
You;ll first be given a warning either by PM or on your topic and then take action if repeated!


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Rules & Regulations-MUST READ
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